We are lucky enough to live in such exciting times when the mind-blowing speed at which technology, especially computer technology, is developing the world around us in such rapid pace, that we are witnessing changes in a matter of years, previous generations witnessed over the span of decades or their entire life.

This change effects our everyday life and it effects our professional lives, the way we earn our living. Each year previously vital jobs disappear, while other, previously non-existent ones appear from sectors we’ve never even heard of. A quick google search will present you with numerous articles trying to guess the jobs that will disappear in by 2020, by 2030, etc. There are websites where you can check, whether your job will be taken over by robots in the coming years. Some journalist even came up with a term for this – jobapocalypse. I think all these guesses are probably still underestimating the evolution of technology and these trends can even be faster or more radical.

But, however tempting it is, let’s not go into similar future-guessing, but let’s rather inspect the present situation and the present trends, focusing on the IT industry, then more precisely on the industry we are more familiar with, namely – the Data Capture and Document Processing industry. In line with this, in the next couple of blog posts we will try to take a deeper look at the workforce transformation we are witnessing today in business processing and process automation.

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