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Filenet Report Manager to IBM CMOD migration

Business Challenge

Our client – the Asian regional branch of one of the worlds largest global banks – was running a diversified ECM architecture, which included an up-to-date IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) system and a legacy IBM Filenet Report Manager (Filenet RM). The latter had no new releases since 2008 and the support was ended in 2012, yet more than 17M reports (app. 83 TB) were still stored in it posing huge operational and compliance risks and also leading to very high maintenance and support costs.

To reduce the risk of having an actual negative business impact, our client initiated a consolidation project that included the migration of business content with all related metadata (users, groups) from Filenet RM to IBM CMOD. However, there was no out-of-the-box software solution – not even IBM could offer an adequate solution.

Based on our migration expertise and know-how gathered over multiple large migration projects, the extended knowledge of the IBM ECM portfolio (in this case IBM Filenet and IBM CMOD) and the right tools in the form of MPS Voyager – a flexible, migration toolkit, we could offer our client the right solution from their specific needs.

Solution – Migration from Filenet Report Manager to CMOD

After analyzing the existing IBM Filenet Report Manager and IBM CMOD environment we set up and configured MPS Voyager – our universal ECM migration toolkit and performed the necessary integration and user acceptance testing within a test environment, working closely with the banks’ dedicated personnel. After the successful testing, we conducted the live migration during which 17M reports with more that 15M annotations (83 TB in total) were migrated from IBM Filenet Report Manager to IBM Content Manager OnDemand in line with the target systems existing file structure. Additionally, not only the reports and the anotations, but also all related metadata was also successfully migrated including users, user groups, access rights. All of this was done, with on-the-fly end user entitlement reorganizationon and complementary metadata addition – for better searchability in the future.

During the data mining related to the migration we were able to read and extract all the important data from IBM Filenet RM and do this directly from the disks (using MPS Voyager and the Datawatch report mining tool – the latter needed to be integrated with IBM Filenet RM so that the existing layout templates could be transformed into a model needed for Datawatch), meaning there was no need for a running system, eliminating any unnecessary load on the system. Additionally, the reports were loaded into the target system on multiple threads, further improving efficiency. Real-time monitoring and riporting was used throughout the whole migration to give up-to-date feedback regarding the status of the migration.

Throughout the migration additional specific issues were covered by our solution, including the problem of annotation and report name conversion, since the two systems used various formats leading to compliance issues. Another problem was the size restrictions, but that was solved too, since our migration solution could handle even reports larger than 2 GB.


As a result of the project, our client was able consolidate and modernize its ECM environment, improve efficiency, eliminate compliance risks and get rid of a unsupported legacy system and all related expenditures.

  • 17 million reports and 15M annotations (83 TB) migrated from IBM Filenet Report Manager to IBM Content Manager OnDemand
  • Successful migration of users, groups and related access rights
  • Metadata addition during the migration
  • Annotation conversion to guarantee compliance
  • Large file (>2GB) handing
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting

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