Crowdsourcing supported questionnaire processing

Download Case Study Crowdsourcing supported questionnaire processing Business problem The goal of the project was to set up a solution and to process ~4000 highly confidential hand-filled questionnaires (app. 48 000 pages) each containing 280 fields (check boxes, as well as, fields containing hand written numbers or text) in less than one month. Our client had [...]

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Forms processing during elections

Download Case Study Forms processing during elections Customer Challenge The government organization responsible for the IT support of many large scale government project, was looking for a new, efficient forms processing solution that not only can process tens of thousands of forms in a short time frame, but can automate the validation part of [...]

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Citizen interaction forms processing

Citizen interaction forms processing CUSTOMER CHALLENGE In Hungary the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) is responsible for providing IT support for elections, referendums or nation-wide surveys and consultations. In 2012 for a nationwide consultation KEKKH decided to look for a sub-contractor who can provide a cost effective, automated and highly [...]

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