MPS now works with IBM BAW and DBA or DBA MC!

If you have not heard yet, IBM has bundled the best of its ECM products into competitive offerings:

  1. Now you can get BAW or Business Automation Workflow that contains the functionalities of the former IBM BPM and IBM Case Manager/Foundation.
  2. There is DBA or Digital Business Automation which is a competitive solution that includes the above mentioned IBM BAW, IBM ODM for decision management, IBM FileNet P8 for content management and IBM Business Automation Insights for analytics.
  3. And last but not least DBA MC or Digital Business Automation Multicloud which is a containerized version of the DBA and can be deployed with ease into multiple cloud environments.

MPS is of course close to follow with updating our software offerings to help provide value for real world use cases on top of these great product bundles.

Our Migration Toolkit MPS Voyager now handles case migrations as well with coupled new connectors too so you can move from your legacy platforms to this new competitive business automation solution. We offer migration solutions for content workflows, and the cases within.

With this, MPS Voyager becomes the perfect toolkit for you to start using your new BAW and DBA or DBA MC solutions without the hardship of figuring out how to move your data and case work over from your previous systems.

Our digitization solution IntelliVector has also been reworked so we fit perfectly with this new solution offering. With IntelliVector we keep providing our award winning process automation solution for analogue channels. We process your scanned images, use the built in machine learning capabilities to identify the document type and locate the most important pieces of data on these documents. We capture this data, validate it and even scrutinize the results.

So how does this connect to BAW and DBA or DBA MC? Well just perfectly: we integrate seamlessly with the FileNet bundled in DBA to pick up and drop off scanned images, then we use  IntelliVector to process these and forward the data we extracted and any red flags the scrutiny may have found to BAW where your workflows will transport these results to the necessary functions: deny transaction and inform the customer, or allow and execute in the core system.

As your ECM technology evolves, we take it very seriously that our products evolve with them. We are happy to announce these new capabilities! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we hope to be implementing your system soon too!