MPS Voyager

MPS Voyager is a flexible ECM toolkit, designed to give higher returns on ECM investments through setting up smooth and automated information flows tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


In today’s business world effective content and information management is a key factor to corporate success. Enterprises are constantly facing countless ad-hoc problems during their day-to-day operations, pushing them to adapt and extend the functionality of their enterprise systems, databases and corporate applications in unanticipated ways.

However, most ECM systems and content management solutions are too rigid to allow for a quick and efficient response, while rushed attempts to develop custom tools will only guarantee further problems due to poor specifications, lack of testing or insufficient configuration and access right management. Eventually this will trigger costly and prolonged development cycles.

In response to these challenges, Multipass Solutions has developed a highly flexible and scalable integration platform to save enterprises time and money by sparing them the constant development of new modules or applications each time a new ad-hoc problem arises.


MPS Voyager is not just a flexible integration platform, but it’s a “deploy once, use many” solution for the most common document and information management challenges. MPS Voyager is a universal end-to-end toolkit that has built-in connectors for the most popular ECM and enterprise systems, data bases, legacy systems and business applications. These connectors make complex system integrations clear and easy, by creating structured connectivity between unstructured content stored in various, otherwise disparate systems and platforms.

This makes MPS Voyager an indispensable tool for major content management projects as well as in-house, ad-hoc issues. No matter if its content governance, data migration, system upgrade, system integration, content synchronization or a complete data clean-up, MPS Voyager will make the seemingly complex task easier, faster and more flexible for a full user satisfaction.


  • Work easily in heterogeneous IT environments
  • Identify and retrieve content saved across multiple platforms
  • Migrate any amount of data from and to any enterprise systems
  • Clean-up business data across all corporate IT systems
  • Mitigate security risks, create retention policies
  • Manage access rights and confidential content
  • Test and monitor system performance


Planning to migrate existing business data to a new enterprise system? Upgrading to a new ECM system from a legacy systems? Want to migrate mass data without facing months of work and downtime?

MPS Voyager has a large number of built in and constantly updated factory adapters to the most popular enterprise systems and databases, so we can move any type of unstructured or structured data from multiple source systems to any new target system. Moreover, we'll preserve the structure and all the properties of the data. We'll even analyze and cleanup the data before the migration, saving considerable time and resources, minimizing the business downtime.

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Searching for essential information scattered across multiple systems? Using multiple systems, have high storage costs and no proper integration? Corporate data is stored without adequate security measures?

You think your corporate data is stored adequately? Our agile content governance solution, based on the MPS Voyager ECM toolkit, will help you locate and restructure business information in any multiple-system IT environment. We help you map, validate, archive, clear-up and index all your business content highlighting duplicates, inappropriate or non-business content and security risks thus creating an effective business environment with significantly lower operational and storage costs.

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Sharing documents between multiple systems not integrated with each other? Trying to share data between distant locations, with limited infrastructure? Data synchronization over satellite connection is slow and error-prone?

MPS Voyager's synchronization module is designed to support government departments and large enterprises to share documents and business information between regional data centers and remote locations. It provides easy management of heterogeneous IT environments, varying data structures and data conflicts even with bandwidth limitations or connectivity issues.

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Universal Compatibility

MPS Voyager is compatible with leading ECM, ERP, CRM systems (including legacy systems), data bases and has a number of built in general adapters too (e.g. File systems, CSV, XLS, JDBC, LDAP, XML, Web services, System command, etc.). These features make MPS Voyager the ultimate tool for sophisticated system integrations in any enterprise IT environment.

Ready to use solutions

Multipass Solutions provide a wide range of ready-to-use solutions based on the MPS Voyager platform, for both one-time projects and continuous use in the field of corporate content and information management.

Flexible and Fast to deploy

MPS Voyager replaces a wide range of custom tools with one single, flexible platform, which can be deployed and adjusted in a matter of days without any significant business downtime. Further customizations or upgrades of the solution will be just as fast and easy, saving valuable time and resources, as well as preserving the business continuity.

Easy to use graphical programming

MPS Voyager platform comes with a user-friendly graphical designer interface where complex information process can be created by connecting together existing, built in components, like pieces of Lego, minimizing the need of actual programming. The result will be a clear and easy to understand graphical, flowchart-like visualization of the actual complex processes.

Technical advantages

Offering unified configuration storage, MPS Voyager is suited for parallel and distributed operations, resulting in a surprisingly low resource demand. The platform handles even the most complex tasks with utmost ease by virtue of its flexibility to combine various operations in multi-system environment and by utilizing the OSGI micro-kernel structure to split any solution into components and easily upgrade the system with further services.


  • Universal ECM toolkit instead of costly, one-time, custom developments
  • Easy integration with all leading enterprise systems and databases
  • Ready to use solutions for common problem sets (migration, data clean-up, etc...)
  • Extendable CMS and ECM functionality with new components and adapters
  • Fast deployment, easy integration and customization
  • Graphic process Designer, user-friendly and intuitive GUI
  • Multi-threaded and distributed operation for the best performance
  • Monitoring, reporting of operations, custom logging

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