Enterprise Mobility

Secure, flexible, corporate mobile business apps for all popular mobile devices. Secure BYOD, centralized device and user management and instant integration with back end systems.


One of the most important aspects of a smartphone application instead of a mobile enabled website or web application is that it does not require the user to find its way back to the same address after the first visit: it stays always readily accessible with the user on the on his most personal device, also enabling communication towards the user, not just initiated by the user.

MPS Invito is a framework and development platform for mobile business applications that provides a number of critical features such as highly secure, out-of-the-box integration with popular enterprise systems, centralized, server-side application, device and user management, secure BYOD and offline support. These features make MPS Invito the perfect choice for developing secure, platform-independent mobile applications for business purposes.

Furthermore, the development process itself is significantly faster and cheaper, since apps are not created from scratch, but
from tested, ready-to-use components and the development does not require high expertise in all mobile operating systems,
yet all apps created with MPS Invito are fully platform-independent and run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Superseding custom development and mobile web applications

  • Native look and feel in every aspect
  • Compatibility with all leading mobile systems (one app for all platforms)
  • Instant integration with all leading ECM systems and databases
  • Fully customizable UI and functionality
  • Central, server-side administration (device, user, application.)
  • Secure, encrypted connection and data traffic
  • Secure BYOD
  • Multilevel authentication enhanced security
  • Native MPS Invito services instead of non-standard and platform dependent HTML5 services (location, camera etc.)

MPS Invito Client Container

  • Access to native device features (text message, camera, NFC, GPS, etc.)
  • Extreme bandwidth efficiency (adopting to slow and low quality mobile networks)
  • Offline feature support (caching, late submit, local application logic, etc.)
  • Encrypted local storage on the device
  • Mobile image capture with image processing (OCR/ICR) done on the mobile server
  • Factory support for the leading smartphone and tablet OSes, including upcoming releases/li>
  • Multilingual support, easy further language localization
  • Remote:

MPS INVITO SERVER - Centralized Administration

  • Centralized, server-side management of devices, applications, services and users
  • Remote application deployment and configuration from the server
  • Runs on any JEE platform
  • Automated, server-side application updates, no need for any user interaction
  • Remote wipe for lost of stolen devices
  • Push notifications and content push
  • Various, multilevel authentication methods: password, RSA token SecureID, hardware ID, IMSI and location)
  • Fully secure device management, even in case of BYOD
  • Integrated OCR and forms processing
  • Application monitoring and logging framework
  • Clustered deployment

Secure and compressed connection

  • Secure connection between the smart device and the server side
  • Efficient JSON representation for data and binary transfer for content
  • Mutual HTTPS authentication support
  • On the fly compression
  • Server and client side caching

Custom Application Development

  • Shorter development, shorter time-to-market (application logic needs to be created and tested only once)
  • App development requires only Java and HTML skills (no need for deep knowledge of mobile operating systems)
  • Fully customizable app logic to fit clients requirements
  • Flexible, HTML5 based user interface development
  • Factory built mobile clients can be customized and branded
  • INVITO apps support iOS and Android devices by default

Universal back-end integration

  • Multiple factory adapters allowing direct connection to back-end systems
  • Factory adapters for JDBC, WebServices, data files, etc.
  • Factory adapters for popular IBM, EMC, Microsoft and Opentext ECM systems

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