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Enterprise content migration

Like any essential asset, business data requires constant care and maintenance. Important data must be preserved when upgrading to a new (or newer version) data asset system. When the organization needs to get rid of redundant applications or merge legacy systems, integrations and data migrations are a constant challenge. Preserving the necessary business data, moving it, optimizing it, preferably with all the related metadata into the new enterprise system or database is always a complex, time consuming and highly expensive procedure. The obstacles are numerous; managing high volumes of unstructured data in a heterogeneous IT environments, handling data duplications, damaged files, managing meta-data, maintaining data consistency between the archive and target systems and the issues go on and on.

This is why consultants love data migration projects. Lots of effort, fuzzy deliverable and plenty of room to extend the project as the complexities creep into the process. Not to mention, that usually migration projects mean extended business downtime, that converts to additional expenses. No wonder, big enterprises fear any mentioning of data or system migrations. But what if there would be a more simple, more suitable solution to these problems?

Well there is a solution!

Move any size of structured or unstructured business content, from literally any enterprise source system to any target system with MPS, without the usual obstacles via an automated but regulated manner in a fraction of the time!

Migration Service from MPS

Multipass Solutions offer MPS Voyager - a flexible ECM and migration tool, that puts all the nightmares of enterprise grade data migration to the past, offering a surprisingly fast, cost effective, extremely flexible and highly scalable data migration solution, that can be used in any heterogeneous IT environment, without any special software or hardware requirements.

Single or two-way (bi-directional) migrations between:

  • All leading ECM systems
  • Other popular enterprise systems
  • Legacy systems and old platforms
  • Databases
  • Web services, file and mail servers
  • Unmanaged file shares

Universal Compatibility

Multipass Solutions has huge experience in conducting ECM projects in heterogeneous IT environments. All our software solutions, including our migration tool MPS Voyager, are equipped with an arsenal of constantly updated system connectors to all the popular Enterprise Content Management systems (including: EMC Documentum, MS SharePoint, OpenText Livelink, IBM Filenet, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM CMOD, Liferay, ...) databases, file servers, web services, as well as outdated and legacy systems. This compatibility makes our solution the perfect fit for sophisticated enterprise content migrations. MPS Voyager will help you identify and retrieve all the business content saved across multiple systems and platforms, restructure it, and move or synchronize it with any number of target system with unprecedented ease.

Rapid and Highly Flexible Migrations

Most competitors lack the flexibility, to tailor their solution to the client’s actual needs. And if you choose to develop a custom solution, the price and the project time will grow significantly. At MPS we believe in the golden middle. We offer a migration solution that is built-up from highly configurable, ready-to-use components. This way we minimize the development and testing time and adjust the solution to the client’s needs in a matter of days. This way the migration process can be conducted for a fraction of the usual time, avoiding significant business downtime.

  • Any structured or unstructured content from and to any system
  • Easily tailor migrations for your own IT environment
  • Create migrations from Ready-to-use components
  • Easily extend the process with further target/source systems
  • Transform data to a suitable format

Technical Superiority

Our migration solution is adjusted to real life IT environments and actual business needs. This is why, we offer a solution, that due to its’ sophisticated design allows large volume migrations, but requires no expensive, special hardware or software. Our aim is to make migrations as easy and fast as possible, preserving all the necessary business data and information as well as the most important business continuity.

  • Highly scalable processes
  • Low system resource usage
  • No special software/hardware required
  • No need for large intermediate data-spaces
  • Parallel and distributed operations
  • OSGI micro-kernel structure to split any solution into components
  • Sophisticated logging real time monitoring

Easy to use & easy to understand graphical programming

The MPS Voyager toolkit comes with a user-friendly graphical designer interface where complex information process can be created by connecting together already existing, built in components, minimizing the need for actual programming as well as the deep knowledge of all systems involved. The result will be a clear and easy to understand graphical, flowchart-like visualization of the actual complex processes, that can be understood, not only by a few IT experts.

Additional, Value-Add Features

Migration is a quite complex process on its own, so why waste time and resources with migrating data that you don’t really need? Migrate only the relevant content!

  • Data restructuring and cleanup prior to the migration
  • Reduce content size by up to 50% with deduplication and archiving
  • Set additional metadata and access right during the migration

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