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Effective multi system on-line data synchronization over any type of weak satellite connection.

MPS Voyager is an efficient data synchronization solution designed to support government departments and large enterprises in sharing documents and information between regional data centers and remote locations using satellite or other low bandwidth data networks. MPS Voyager solves the complex challenges involved when maintaining the integrity and consistency of data accessed by teams operating in office locations great distances from their regional hubs.


  • Participant systems are heterogeneous, integration is necessary
  • Data structures and format may vary
  • Real-time change capture process, especially with huge masses of data
  • Bandwidth limitations, low quality, high latency satellite connections
  • Management of any kind of data conflict

Data synchronization is the process of establishing data consistency between a source and a target data storage and vice versa. This process is fundamental to a wide variety of organizations that require data to be shared, copied or collaboratively processed. Such data may be managed separately by multiple applications or databases, yet it needs to be kept consistent between these systems. Data synchronization may occur as a one-time operation for example during a migration project or an initial data load, or on a permanent basis between multiple operational systems or geographically divided locations. Synchronization can be one-way or bi-directional, allowing changes to be captured at various sources and shared across several targets.

Generally IT environments are heterogeneous and may include various document management systems, databases, applications, legacy systems most of which can’t be simply integrated with each other, due to their various data structures and varying file formats. Therefor a structured connection between the disparate systems as well as advanced mapping, formatting and aggregations is a must when talking about successful data synchronization.

The bigger the organization, the bigger the chance of geographically distant locations, with limited infrastructure, such as low bandwidth satellite connection with high network latency. However, real-time data synchronization, a growing trend in SaaS integration, is difficult to implement with large volumes of data stored across multiple, geographically distant location with various systems connected only via low quality satellite connections. This becomes a real concern in case of large enterprises or government organizations with mutiple regional offices and subsidiaries in remote locations.

MPS Voyager offers a flexible and highly scalable solution for any kind of data synchronization between any kind of source and target system, over any type of low quality connection.


Voyager is an enterprise-grade solution that enables you to achieve accurate and consistent data across multiple systems building a business logic that solves the most complex data synchronization tasks. The bridge that Voyager creates between various enterprise systems, data bases and business applications enables successful data synchronization no matter what are the source and target systems. In contrast to complex custom integration solutions, which are difficult to develop, manage or customize, Voyager is highly flexible so it can handle any changes to the synchronization process or the participating systems with the utmost ease.

Additionally, Voyager is perfectly suited for low quality connections, due to its latency tolerant transfer method and its ability to fully utilize all the available network bandwidth without interfering with the normal traffic of the employees using the same line. This technology guarantees perfect online synchronization while sustaining business continuity.


  • Provide native access to nearly all data types in any system
  • Integrate with all the leading ECM systems and databases
  • Improve business performance by ensuring up-to-date, higher quality data across systems
  • Support real-time data synchronizations
  • Effectively transfer data over low quality, high latency connections
  • Match, analyze and clean up data before synchronizing
  • Manage all the business content on the source and target side

Voyager works perfectly with leading ECM systems such as EMC Documentum, IBM Filenet, MS Sharepoint, Opentext Livelink, Lotus Notes, Liferay, popular databases (Oracle, JBDC, MySQL, MSSQL, HyperSQL,etc.), document processing softwares (Datacap, KOFAX, ABBYY, ISIS) as well as various web-services, file systems, or file formats (CSV, XLS, SQL, TXT, PDF, etc.).


  1. Voyager extracts all new or modified content and properties on the source side
  2. The gathered content is analyzed, deduplicated and fixed (if necessary)
  3. After the clean-up the content is compressed and split into smaller packages
  4. The data packages are transferred to the target server using a latency-tolerant method
  5. The transferred content is decompressed on the target side
  6. Content is loaded directly into the target system with all necessary metadata
  7. This process can be performed simultaneously in any direction and across multiple locations


  • Up-to-date information available at every location (no matter how many different systems involved)
  • Lower IT costs of data synchronization by minimizing the time spent on integration and maintenance
  • Up to 20 times more effective usage of the available bandwidth compared to competitive solutions
  • Online synchronization while sustaining business continuity
  • Deduplication and clean-up of content before synchronization
  • Data security through automated access right management
  • Easily customizable and maintainable solution
  • Reduce risk and minimize common errors of data synchronization projects