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Understand and secure your content!

  • Save on infrastructure
  • Secure corporate data and information
  • Raise system performance and user productivity
  • Lower human resource needs of search & retrieval
  • Lower litigation risk


Probably your organization like many others, at some point in time faced the challenge of hopelessly searching for essential information among the content, generated during day-to-day business, scattered across multiple locations and stored without adequate security measures. This is why appropriate content management is a must for any modern and dynamic company.

Like any essential asset, business content itself requires constant care and maintenance. Without it organizations constantly and inevitably will waste time and money trying to manage large volumes of digital information across increasingly complex IT platforms. As the number of platforms increase, it becomes more and more challenging to store, manage large quantities of data and rapidly retrieve necessary business information located in various CMS systems, emails, file servers and other critical platforms. If you want to keep up with the international trends, you need to deliver agile solutions to structure, organize and locate business information for your users while managing risks and reducing operational costs.

Voyager is a very powerful automated discovery and organization tool designed to map, identify, validate and index all your existing corporate content and information. It can highlight misplaced or inappropriate documents, duplicates, damaged, outdated or redundant data as well as access control inconsistencies and security risks. Voyager is designed to operate in fully scalable, virtual environments building structured connectivity between a wealth of otherwise disparate ECM and other enterprise systems, databases, IT platforms and business devices.

Voyager will help you create a cost-effective business environment that empowers users, while also complying with regulatory and governance policies. This type of total knowledge and control of your corporate information will raise productivity, significantly lower operational costs and keep everyone satisfied at the company, from business users, managers and executives, to legal teams and IT personnel.


  1. Scanning, mapping, discovering corporate content from numerous sources
  2. Analyzing results, identifying content
  3. Advanced filtering and segregation of unwanted data
  4. Archiving or deleting outdated or non business content
  5. Removing duplications, repairing faulty files and damaged content
  6. Key-word mapping, setting up retention and disposal policies
  7. Uploading to a unified document management repository
  8. Continuous, ongoing monitoring


  • Cleans and organizes business content stored in various, disparate enterprise systems
  • Maps and filters all the existing business content
  • Automatically highlights, fixes or deletes unwanted content
  • Reduces IT infrastructure and operational costs
  • Raises user productivity by radically improving information governance and findability
  • Manages access rights and mitigates security risks
  • Archives inactive content, easily and effectively